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Comau Mate Exoskeleton

Article text: Comau Mate Exoskeleton
Article number 5957000 | Category: | Unit: Pieces
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The Mate Exoskeleton from Comau replicates the dynamic movements of the shoulders as an extra layer of skin. Like your own physiological movements, the exoskeleton suit follows the bends/stretches of your shoulders, providing the exact level of support when and where you need it. The exoskeleton is adjustable, it has a compact and secure structure and it is quick to put on and take off. It suits everyone, it consists of lightweight technology and has a battery-free mechanism. If you use the exoskeleton, a steady reduction of the activation in the shoulders is generated when working with the arms over the head. It also improves your ergonomics, your posture and reduces muscle strain. The skeleton increases the quality of life in the workplace by providing consistent and advanced movement assistance during repetitive and/or daily tasks.