OUR mission


It is our declared goal to ease your mind when it comes to safety at your workplace, and thereby make it easier for you to do your job. The moment of truth is when the product has to perform and you have to feel safe. When you can do your job knowing that safety is not an issue.

When you do not have to worry. It is our job to worry, to take care, to give out advice, to service, to provide solutions - to put your safety above anything else.

Our driving force is to move boundries. We shape our organisation and we change our industry by developing unique work enviroment solutions. This driving force is our momentum and your guarantee for having ease of mind.  


Sustainable Development Goals 
- A JOINT responsibility -

We expect our suppliers in the Middle East and Asia to follow our Code of Conduct and we audit them on an ongoing basis. Our mission is to prevent work injuries and accidents, and we carry out this mission every day with our customers. We carefully select our assortment and ensure we have the best protective equipment and chemical products. Our digital solutions support both the use and purchase of those products. It increases both health and well-being. We are ISO 45001 certified in work environment and we continuously work with education and training, risk assessment, disease prevention as well as retention of employees.

We actively share knowledge with users and potential users and inform them about a safe and healthy work environment in newsletters, on social media and at events. We conduct free information courses for young students, and we award apprentices and graduates to increase
focus on a safe working environment. Internally, we carry out product training throughout
the year. We educate and measure our sales and customer service monthly, to ensure a high level of knowledge

We demand that our suppliers ensure rights and decent employment for those who make our BlueStar products in Asia and the Middle East. However, we also focus on helping locally. We do so with work placements for the unemployed, by having employees in flex jobs and by using a locally protected workshop for simpler tasks, such as packaging.

We continuously work to reduce material consumption in our production. We minimize packaging, to make sure as little as possible are transported, sorted for recycling and disposed of. In our logistics centre, we work with quality assurance to minimize the amount of waste. Besides this, we recycle shipment filling and sort cardboard, plastic and waste products to make sure as much as possible are recycled. We continuously streamline our product packaging, so the transport is optimized and the environmental impact is minimized.

We reduce our CO2 emissions from our energy consumption, transport of products and people. Through an energy screening, we have full knowledge of our own consumption and we know where to take action to reduce emissions. Transport of self-produced products are constantly streamlined, to make sure we use the least climate-damaging mode of transport; ship as much as possible and then trains and planes. Furthermore, we prioritize distributors focusing on sustainable transport. We also focus on reducing internal transport between locations and increasingly use digital options.

We collaborate with socio-economic companies, local authorities, schools and other institutions that can benefit from the collaboration with us - and at the same time provide ICM with added value. We like to be part of networks and happily share knowledge on different media.