BlueStar is our own brand. We offer it direct and through our retailers. The range is consisting of many different products, all of good quality at an attractive price. It is the intention that in time we shall use our size to develop BlueStar, so it becomes a preferred brand within health and safety.​​​​​​​


BlueStar is a line of selected products we produce ourselves within the areas of safety equipment and work environment. The line is the showcase of our overall greatest effort right now. All this is to meet and abide by the rules and expectations of our customers every day.

The assortment is our answer to the question of how safety, sustainability, environmental adaptation and prevention can go hand in hand.

We take part from production to delivery, and all products are tested and inspected against all critical parameters. Fabric is tissue and surface tested and weighed. Stitches are checked and properties are documented. If critical errors occur, our QHSE department is ready to rectify and change supplier as the utmost consequence.

All BlueStar products are verified in relation to quality, safety, health and environment. In addition, ICM reviews all process steps in the production of BlueStar products to ensure that the products always have the desired properties, while working to systematize an approval process for new suppliers. It assures us that there are no unacceptable working conditions in the BlueStar production or at our suppliers.

Our goal is for BlueStar to be your choice of product when you and your company demand large quantities of quality products, where safety, comfort and attractive pricing are prioritized.

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