ICM poliCY

for Quality, Environment, Working Environment & CSR

Content & purpose

The policy sets out how we at ICM must act as a company to maintain our reputation as a competent, decent, responsible and sustainable business.


CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility.


ICM's good reputation is the most important thing for us. Everyone who trades with ICM or otherwise comes in contact with ICM shall have confidence in us, and they will only have it if our reputation is good.

ICM will always

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We expect that trading partners do the same.
  • Act competent, fast and friendly in all dealings with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Take proper account to the environment and occupational safety.
  • Instruct employees and suppliers that unethical behaviour is not acceptable.
  • Ensure that employees and suppliers know ICM’s policy and act accordingly.
  • Work systematically with continuous improvements in all areas of our management system.


Quality is our basic condition for doing business. ICM understands quality as:
  • To have a product program that always meets the customer needs for type and reliability.
  • To offer users access to great knowledge within the product areas that are marketed.
  • That supplies meet customers' demands and expectations.

ICM WIll always

  • Fulfill customer demands and expectations for quality.     
  • Continuously measure and improve quality.
  • Strive for the best relationship between price and quality.
  • Work to have employees' skills that are market leading.
  • Involve employees in improvement activities.


Our goal is to closely follow and work for continuous improvement of our environment and reduce the environmental impact of the company's activities so that we do not risk destroying the ability of future generations to have a good life, within financial and technical capabilities.​

ICM will always

  • Work to reduce its consumption of electricity, heating, water and fossil fuels (gasoline, diesel and natural gas).
  • Work on the reuse of packaging and other waste products.
  • Comply with local requirements for waste sorting and disposal of unavoidable waste in a responsible manner.
  • Seek to influence suppliers so that products are environmentally sound, for example by avoiding the use of PVC.
  • Prefer environmentally conscious suppliers, where it is economically reasonable and technically feasible.
  • Maintain a good, constructive and open dialogue with the public environmental authorities.

Working Environment

ICM advices other companies every day in improving their working environment, and we must therefore ourselves be in control of our working environment. This is done by conduction a visible working environment policy, which aims to promote awareness of the company's impact on employees and managers.

ICM will always

  • Work to promote a healthy and safe working environment internally, for example by maintaining a healthy office environment, providing the necessary tools available for physical work and avoid dangerous situations and substances in the company.
  • Aim to offer all employees an interesting job with professional and personal development.
  • Maintain a good, constructive and open dialogue with public authorities on issues that affect the working environment.

Social Responsibility

Development in ICM shall be based on a combination of economic results and social responsibility. ICM supports the United Nations Global Compact principles and want to be a decent and responsible company that participates in community tasks and duties.

ICM will always

  • Provide working environmental products and services of high quality, to limit the number and extent of damage to people and the environment.
  • Develop and continuously improve the service level for our customers, including offering comprehensive product information, advising businesslike and professional for the best solution to customer needs, and ensure easy access to the remedy of claims and complaints.
  • Integrate the interests of labour and human rights, anti-corruption and the environment in the business and in relation to employees and business partners.
  • Cooperate with our suppliers to respect labour and human rights, work against corruption, and avoid forced labour, child labour and discrimination in employment and occupation.
  • Create and maintain good relations with stakeholders and engage in appropriate dialogue about CSR.
  • Be an active and committed company in the local communities and in Danish society in general.