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- safety must be trained

Safety is a combination of knowledge, consultancy and practical training. At ICM, you can get instructions and guidance if you or your company use safety equipment.

Since 2015, we have enhanced prevention efforts and today we offer both theoretical and practical training in Odense. Our demo- and training facilities have become quite extensive over time, and with us, you can both see, try, compare and get instructions before making a decision or recommending a solution to your company.

We offer standard training courses within basic guidance, orientation and instruction. Furthermore, we offer unique courses, where the content is individually designed to the needs of each company. Our course instructors are experienced and certified within their subject area.

Companies that need an update on legislation and guidance in the proper use of safety equipment are welcome as well. We have a specialist affiliated with each product area, who is always up to date with the latest information and knowledge of any new products. Moreover, we often work as a sparring partner when you need to choose and use critically important equipment.


  • 11 meters high platform
  • Fixed fall protection systems
  • Confined spaces
  • Showroom


  • First aid, fall protection, gas detection and respiratory protection. Duration: 4-8 hours

guidance & INSTRuction

  • Legislation and instruction meetings
    Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Fit-test
    ½ hour per person (is also offered at company location)

WHAT does a training day look like?

In the beginning of 2020, Syddansk Erhvervsskole visited us on our platform in Odense. Our skilled team taught the visitors about PPE, and there was a special focus on workwear for asbestos and PCB decontamination. See pictures from the day below:

CONTAKT Our SPECIALISTs and learn more

Torben Birch
Torben Birch
Product Manager, Fall Arrest & Rescue
Dir: (+45) 4516 4136
Ringo Hänisch
Ringo Hänisch
Project Manager, Anchor points & Vertical systems
Dir: (+45) 5060 2622
Flemming Buntzen
Flemming Buntzen
Specialist, Personal Fall Protection
Dir: (+45) 2030 0022
Martin Brinch
Martin Brinch
Product Manager, Respiratory gear & Gas detection
Dir: (+45) 81 775 775