Protects employees against accidental energy discharges from plants being worked on by physically obstructing access to the energy sources.


Labelling informs employees who has disconnected the energy source. Although both methods are used for the same purpose, there is a difference in the level of security. Tagout is a warning and does not prevent physical connection to the energy source as lockout does. The safest choice of the two is lockout, but more often a combination of the two methods are used to:

  • Increase employee safety.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents at work.
  • Highlight ongoing work on plants.

If several employees work at a plant at the same time, you can ensure that the plant cannot be restarted until all employees have completed their work. There is a very wide range of products that can shut down and lock equipment, valves and energy sources, which means that it is possible to find a way to secure all plants and thereby all employees.


ICM has chosen to maintain a range of very high-quality lockout/tagout products? Only a small part is shown in the catalogue, however, we gladly visit the individual company and find a solution that fits the task.


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