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Always select eye protection based on the task at hand. Then focus on comfort, because if the goggles do not fit well it will not be used. Do not underestimate the design. Select a smart pair of glasses that suit your personality. The product range is extensive, so there is no reason to compromise. One model does not fit all, and it is important that you feel comfortable wearing your protective eye wear. Use protective eye wear as long as you are exposed to a risk - even with short-term work. It is 'often' the small tasks that tend to go wrong.​ Eye protection must provide protection against one or more of the following exposures:

MECHANICAL Flying fragments or particles, e.g. in connection with grinding or polishing work.
CHEMICAL Contact with harmful or corrosive substances e.g. sodium or acid.
OPTICAL Relating to welding, display device work, contact with laser radiation, and more.

The different types of eye protection can be divided into:
FRAMED GLASSESCover the eyes only, not impermeable, no side shields.
GOGGLESCover the eye area, can be impermeable as well as ventilated, with the latter not being liquid- and gas-proof.
VISORSCover most of the face, protect against flying particles and fluids.
SHIELDSCover the entire face, protect against flying particles and light.


ICM’s protection eye wear and visors are, as a rule, approved according to EN 166, however they can be approved according to other relevant standards as well.  Eye protection which is approved according to EN 166 can be marked with one or more symbols that indicate properties and scope.


Eye protection can be made of different materials with very different properties.
AcetatePlastic material, particularly suitable for work with chemicals and solvents.
Polycarbonate (PC)Strong, ductile material with the highest mechanical impact strength. However, easy to scratch and therefore often supplied with a hardened surface. Protects against UV rays.
Laminated glasTwo thin plastic sheets glued together with a plastic film. Poor ​mechanical strength, but highly scratch-resistant.
  EN 166Personal eyewear protection - General requirements
  EN 169Filters for welding and related techniques
  EN 170Ultraviolet filters
  EN 171Infrared filters
  EN 172Sun glare filters for industrial use
  EN 175Equipment for eye and face protection during welding and similar processes
  EN 207/208Filters and eye-protectors against laser radiation
  EN 379Automatic welding filters
  EN 1731Mesh eye and face protectors

What is blue light?

Blue light occurs naturally in sunlight, but are also transmitted by LED lamps, which are found everywhere in our everyday life. In addition, the huge amount of electronic devices that we use every day. For example, we check our cell phones over 150 times a day, which transmits intense radiation.


  No symbolMinimum robustness
  SIncreased robustness12 m/sec.
  FLow energy impact45 m/sec.
  BMedium energy impact120 m/sec.
  AHigh energy impact190 m/sec.
  KResistant against scratches due to small particles.
  NAnti-fog effect (abbreviated AD).
  TMechanical strength tested at extreme temperatures (from -5 °C to +55 °C). Stated after the impact strength symbol (FT, BT, AT). If there is no T, the test has been conducted at room temperature.
  No symbolBasic use
  3Liquids (spills or splashes)
  4Larger dust particles >5 my.
  5Gas and fine dust particles <5 my.
  8Arc flash from short circuit
  9Molten metal and very hot objects
In case the protective glass and frame do not have the same marking, the complete eye protection solution is classified as as the lower of the two classes.
1Permanent use, refractive power ±0.06
2Periodic use, refractive power ±0.12
3Short-term use only, refractive power +0.12 to -0.25


Equaliser double lens

Adjustable bars

Built-in side shield

Eliminates 70% of the blue light and 63% of
the visible light

Acetate lens

Adjustable nose rest​​​​​

RX insert

Angle of adjustable bars

Platinum Coating

Built-in optical

DIN 3 or 5

Eliminates 30% of the blue light

Environment- and


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